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This months Spotlight shines on the brand new RTS unit from Burlodge, which was first introduced to the marketplace in August 2004.

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Retherm & Regen Systems
The market today is full of alternatives to consider when you want to buy a retherm or regen system. Quite frankly, in my experience, there are so many variables to consider when one makes a decision on what system they need but the first thing you have to indentify is ‘what is your need’.

So, retherm and regen systems are available in tray or bulk system formats. In tray systems, you have to realise that the premise is that you have a cold beltline that plates foods to a tray and all the foods are cold. To do this you either have a cook chill production format or you buy food frozen/chilled from another source or perhaps you have a combination of both production formats. Regardless, you have an inventory of cold food and with that you can prepare cold meal trays in accordance with your clients’ needs. From here, the trays go into a retherm / regen unit and the foods that are to be served hot are regenerated to serving temperatures while the foods that are to be served cold are kept at optimum cold temperatures. Each tray system on the market deals with this requirement in different ways.

Some tray systems see the foods that are to be served hot manually moved to a completely separate unit for retherm while the cold foods stay on the tray in a cold environment. Many operators have found that the manual manipulation is labor intensive, results in tray errors, and is ergonomically inefficient. Furthermore, the space needed for such a system is often to great when one considers that space in healthcare today is at such a premium. This manual tray retherm technique is somewhat outdated due to the development of what is called single tray systems that are now available.

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