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This months Spotlight shines on the brand new RTS unit from Burlodge, which was first introduced to the marketplace in August 2004.

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Retherm & Regen Systems
Whatever your need – tray or bulk, you have to remember that you are about to buy a piece of very advanced modern technology and thus, you have to look at the manufacturer and the entire purchase with scrutiny and savvy. You need to ask yourself a number of questions that focus such things as : outcome of food, ergonomics, safety of equipment, proven reliability, service, warranty, space footprint, flexibility of equipment to adapt to future changes and realities, company history and performance, company financial ability, capacity of equipment, dependence on specific china or rotables etc.

Also remember that the retherm / regen system simply puts back heat into the food that was previously cooked. It does not ‘cook’ food, it simply re-heats it. In this case, you need to review how each retherm / regen system completes this task. Does it scorch foods ? Does it dry out foods ? Can it effectively retherm all types of foods ? Do I have to do a lot of different steps along the way to make sure that the foods retherm properly – in otherwords, how forgiving is the system ? You can answer a lot of these questions by reading my comments on convection heat versus conduction heat. This should help you narrow your choice to a smaller number of retherm / regen systems and then you can review the finer points to make a decision.

Do not forget about how a system holds foods cold. This is often overlooked as the equipment often focuses on the re-heating of foods….but you must consider how the units actually hold cold food components cold.

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