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This months Spotlight shines on the brand new RTS unit from Burlodge, which was first introduced to the marketplace in August 2004.

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Retherm & Regen Systems
A single tray system sees the tray prepared on the beltline like mentioned above, but the tray slides into a retherm / regen unit that will heat one side of the tray while the other side keeps cold. This eliminates the double handling of older systems. However, it does not eliminate the variety of how manufacturers deal with the way the separation of hot and cold is done. Some manufacturers use trays that have holes in them and the plates holding foods to be heated actually rest in the holes and touch conduction plates to heat them. Imagine getting a tray while in your bed that has holes in it. So, other manufacturers have developed systems that have an elevated ridge in the centre of the tray to help separate the hot from the cold. This is not ideal is it ? Now imagine a tray while you are in bed that has a ridge on it and try moving your plate around. So, other companies like Burlodge have developed a method to retherm meals using a single tray that is completely flat, no grooves, no holes, no ridges. They call it a ‘homestyle tray’ and it is quite frankly the best on the market for sure. Take a look at Burlodge’s website as they really show all of the tray system alternatives well and you can learn a lot from their experiences.

In Bulk Systems you have a cold food inventory but this time you either retherm the foods to a hot beltline using large stationary retherm ovens or you use a mobile servery that will retherm the foods that are required for a specific group of clients who may be eating in a specific location such as a dining room within a facility. In the bulk servery model, the retherm unit is completely mobile and acts as a retherm unit, a servery station, and sometimes has on-board refrigeration so juices, salads, and desserts can be held at the servery station. The units are often equipped with service tops that are heated. A great example of a mobile retherm bulk servery is the Multigen from Burlodge. You should visit their website to learn more about it as it is a very well manufactured unit that is so flexible and adaptable to every unique need.

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