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This months Spotlight shines on the brand new RTS unit from Burlodge, which was first introduced to the marketplace in August 2004.

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Industry Articles

>> Convection Vs. Conduction
Convection systems allow for detailed cleaning of the interior and exterior of the retherm system. The interior of a convection retherm system is a fully open cavity. This allows the foodservice staff to power wash the interior and exterior of the units. The rack system inside the unit is removable which allows for hand washing of the complete system. There are no pod heating elements that have to be removed by the technical services department before the cleaning process can begin (as in conduction systems). In a conduction system, if food over heats or boils over, food will build up behind the food pods. Foodservice staff will not be able to properly clean behind the pods thus creating a greater sanitation, hygiene, and compliance risk issue with the foodservice departments HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) policy’s.
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>> Watch Out For Fakes
Let’s face it, retherming or regenerating food using advanced methods like convection, conduction, induction and the like have been around for years – say 30 or so. In that time we have all seen the introduction of new ways of using the advanced technology and the leaders in the market have shown us the way. They, the leaders, have survived because of innovation and dedication as well as global distribution. The leaders in this industry have also survived by finding new ways of generating capital to stay alive and invest in new technology...
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