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This months Spotlight shines on the brand new RTS unit from Burlodge, which was first introduced to the marketplace in August 2004.

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Food Service
Terms and Definitions

Production Methods:
COOK SERVE - the traditional method of food production where items are freshly prepared just prior to service three times a day.

COOK FREEZE - advance preparation method whereby food is prepared, rapidly blast frozen and held frozen in inventory at -18°C until it is tempered (thawed) and rethermalized for service.

COOK CHILL - advance preparation method whereby food is prepared, rapidly blast chilled and held under controlled chilled storage at 3°C until rethermalized for service.

OUTSOURCED - refers to food which is produced by a commercial food manufacturer and is shipped in either a frozen or chilled state to the end-user who portions, garnishes and rethermalizes for service.

READY FOODS - a term once used to describe foods prepared in advance of service (could be cook freeze, cook chill or outsourced) and held under controlled conditions until used.

Service Methods:
CONVENTIONAL HOT TRAY SERVICE - hot foods are assembled into individual finished meals onto heat retaining equipment for immediate service to the patient.

CONVENTIONALl HOT BULK SERVICE - pans of hot food containing multiple portions are placed in heat retaining equipment ready for immediate portioning at point of service.

COLD PLATE TRAY SERVICE - cold foods are assembled into individual meals, stored in specialized equipment and held under chilled conditions until rethermalization just prior to service.

COLD BULK SERVICE - pans of cold food containing multiple portions are placed in specialized equipment, held under chilled conditions

FULLY TRAYED MEALS - a facility receives from an outside central site fully trayed, chilled meals which are stored under chilled conditions and rethermalized prior to service.

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