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Welcome to Retherm Systems Dot Com. Yes, this website is about regeneration / rethermalization.

There are many terms that can be used to mean reheating but rethermalization (retherm for short) and regeneration (regen for short) are the most common. They are special terms that apply to specialised advanced meal systems such as tray meal carts or bulk service carts that all have abilities to reheat foods to service temperatures.

The tray and bulk systems I will be talking about in this website have been developed with mass feeding in mind, seen in hospitals, homes for the aged, correctional institutions, and even in schools and daycare centres. The equipment, systems, and processes I will be talking about embrace modern technology and new practice.

There is a revolution and if you are here, then you too can be a part of it. You too can be talking ‘bout regeneration.

Updates & News:
>> Convection vs Conduction article
>> Terms & Definitions section updated
>> Retherm Funnies section updated

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This months Spotlight shines on the brand new RTS unit from Burlodge, which was first introduced to the marketplace in August 2004.

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